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Friday, 22 October 2010

Halloween Soon & the Big Bright Moon

It's still very warm here, so we have been outside a lot (not that winter will stop me!).  Can you believe Halloween is ten days away!?  Look at this!  Here is a cell-phone shot from the most recent morning run.  The night made the water cold enough, and the morning sun made the air warm enough... fog!  So pretty: "Smoke & Mirrors".

There are still leaves on some of the trees... pretty faded greens!

The Canadian Geese are still here.  They seem like they are in no rush.  

I took these pics at the Forestry Farm, Park, and Zoo.

And tonight when the moon came up, we were just leaving the park.  I took this photo.  It's so dainty, so surreal, and so pink once again!  It's one of those things that would not be believable if I turned it into fibre art.  You know?

My husband tells me that my art looks real and my photos look fake.  I laugh and take that as a compliment.

And lucky me - the third Halloween-swap postcard arrived in my mailbox!  It's from Mary Anne in Ontario, and it's CUTE!  Thank you Mary Anne.

Only a few more days and it's the deadline for my first giveaway!  If you are reading this for the first time, scroll back a few days to see.  It's all about the moon.  

Or click on this ---> My Sweet Prairie Give-away #1

Have a great weekend!

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