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Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Give Away # 2 - for fibre artists

I had such fun with the last give-away that I decided to do another! This one is for a pack of 2 colors of sparkly Angelina Fibres.  They fit nicely into a ziploc sandwich bag for me to mail to you.  That's about all I can tell you to describe how much is there.  A little goes a long way.  

No sure what they are?  You can heat them between sheets of parchment paper and they will fuse to themselves to create a sparkly holographic piece that you can cut shapes out of or make imprints onto.  You can also stitch them down loose under tulle or sheers for added sparkle.  I've used them in winter fibre art landscapes and on postcards too.  Click here to learn more:

I would have made a riddle but I can't decide on a word that rhymes with "fibre" or "angelina".  Maybe that's it - YOU tell me a rhyming word.  : ) That's your entry for the draw when you post below.  Option # 2 is to tell me what you'll do with the fibres!  The winner will be chosen by my 'random number generator' on the morning of November 2, 2010.  You have until midnight(ish) of November1st to get your name down.  : ) 

good luck!


Flo said...

What would I do if I won the Angelina?
Sew a fibre art of a sports arena...
Or maybe something from “Sew Tina”
A small picture of a ballerina?
Or best yet a winter “scene..a” lol

Wendy said...

oh pick me, pick me. I will use it on a landscape piece. How generous of you!

arlene said...

I really like Angelina for fabric postcards....adds that special sparkle...
Great Blog!

Gale Lavers said...

I need some for my quilt "Once upon a Star" by Mckenna Ryan for fish in one of the blocks. Please pick me!!!

upstateLisa said...

How about 'cyber'? Just found your blog and love it!

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