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Tuesday, 26 October 2010

The Morning After

Last night's guild meeting was lots of fun.  It's so nice to have all these smiley women come up to my table and say, "Hi!! I read your blog!".  (Thanks each and every one of you!).  And let me tell you, you all sure do eat a lot of cookies.  ; )  I made cute ghostie cookies and when I went to take a photo for this blog, they were gone!  lol  Not a crumb left.

I sold a lot of fabric at my flea market table, but here's what was left over...

Something tells me those FQs would make a great scrappy quilt full of triangles!   : )  Yes it would.  And of course, with coins in hand, I drift over to the other tables and spend my money while it's still warm.  lol  I could not stop oogling over this huge piece of cloth.  Home it came...

Dorothy's charity sale cloth 

It just did something to my soul!  I don't even really like tie dye or batik, or blue for that matter.  But this cloth - over 2 meters of it -  is so succulent!  It has a lovely pattern of greys, and then there is this subtle stamped imptint of pretty celtic looking designs.  It just amazed me so much!  I think I'll hang it on the wall and just meditate in front of it.  That is some serious cloth-worshipping isn't it!?  hehe 

There was a magazine swap too.  Here's one I came home with.  I have always thought those braids look like wheat, and so it was my plan to some day incorporate yellow braids into a prairie quilt.  Isn't this cover quilt  stunning!?  It makes me want to redo my brown-eyed susans quilt...

quilt by Bea Mansanerez, 2004
I just love yellow and white and oranges and greens and browns and reds so much.  lol  As we all packed up our tables at the end of the night, I had to buy these fat quarters quickly before they were gone.  They are so cute...

It's so fun to get new inspiration.  And to top it all off - (YAY!!) the first snow came overnight!!  

the front street
the snow drift hanging over my kitchen window
FUN!  My daughter was so excited she started crying.  Really - she's been waiting for this!  She was actually up for 2 hrs before she realized what the outside world looked like.

Arwen, waiting to go outside
  Her tracks are all over the yard.  I really look forward to new landscapes and photography.  Bring it on!

sewing in Saskatoon
snowing in Saskatoon


fabriquefantastique said...

I may have said this before, but I love the sense of time and place in your posts.

My Sweet Prairie said...

Awe - you're so sweet. Thanks so much for reading! I love it! :)

Flo said...

Love your blog...not loving the snow so much!
Looks like I missed a fun meeting, but saved my pennies LOL. I always come home with a bag of goodies.

My Sweet Prairie said...

Pippa Moore is coming soon as a guest speaker, and she's doing workshops also.
Flo - YOUR POEM IS SO FUNNY!!! lol Thanks : ) still giggling. ahahha

Anonymous said...

Hi. Your daughter is so cute. She looks like you, doesn't she?
I wish I could touch the snow just one time :)))
Congratulation you sold a lot of fabric.
Nhan Tran

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