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Sunday, 22 August 2010

Sunday Snippets of my Sewing Studio

I did A LOT of rearranging and reorganizing yesterday.  I doubled my space!  Gotta like that.  I have a giant L shaped office desk to sew on , and another L shaped desk back to back with it.  That's where I am now sitting with my laptop & camera and morning coffee.   So let's start!

This is my middle child.  He's sitting at the corner of one of the desks.  I'm sitting behind him.  He likes this new clean uncluttered desk top and has arranged his science 'items' so he can invent.  I moved a pencil yesterday and he noticed.  : )  He thinks this is his desk.  : )  I actually do plan to set up a second sewing machine here for my kids or sewing clubs!  (GREAT IDEA HUH!?)

Here's what I'm sitting on right now.  My Mama Bear quilt is hanging over the railing.

That looks SO Canadian, doesn't it!?  : )
And now - for my thread!  I have an old stained-glass medicine cabinet for my sewing threads.

And then there's the clear craft case for all the decorative rayons.  It's like a paint box for sewing!  It folds in half.  I found it at Zeller's.  Here it is opened up:

And then yesterday I did another treasure hunt and found a spice rack for TALL thread cones!  It's perfect.

Those are my new threads from Connecting Threads.  I LOVE the size!  They are fat and huge but still fit on the thread post in my machine.  Brilliant.

Some women have shoe fetishes.  I have a foot fetish.  ; )  Check it out.  THere are actually three missing from the photo!

My 'to sew' reminder board...

And some reading at the window.  I love the giant 5 ft by 6 ft window.  I lay down a white cloth and take most of my photos of art here.  The natural lighting always keeps the colors truer that way.

See the greeting card with the bowl of cherries?  My husband got me that card for an anniversary years ago.  SWEET huh!?  Life is like a bowl of cherries.

: )

Have a great Sunday, and a special thank you to all the wonderful fans of this blog and of my work.  You feel my soul!

love Monika

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