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Saturday, 21 August 2010

Saturday Morning Stencils

I have never stencilled before - ever.  I've always drawn everything free hand.  Last week I bought this stencil from Dollarama because it had a pretty bird cage design.  I am a bird owner / lover and was planning to enter a piece for the Quilting Arts calendar competition.  The theme is Pets.  

So my daughter woke me up at 5 am and then fell back asleep.  I could not.  The house was quiet.  I went into my sewing space and took out a pretty yellow washed batik fabric, my oil paint sticks, and began...

 I used Yellow Ochre with a bit of Burnt Sienna.  Tada!

I love the color scheme.  It matches my canary.  I find yellow such a happy color.  So there.  I stencilled.  Then I notices that there were also leaf stencils in the same package.  So I pulled out some dark brown cloth and began another piece I've been storing in my imagination.

I added in some antique white, Oxide of Chromium green, and Alizarin Crimson for the maple leaves.  This one will be a wall hanging featuring the gorgeous Harvest Moon!!  LOVE it so far.  It sure is nice to finally put all these paintsticks to use.  

And of course, I must feature the colors of my paintbowl!

Fall is in the air!  It's the end of August and you can feel it.  The sun is HOT and the breeze is cooling off again.  I love that feeling.  Soon it will be time to bring out the quilts and smell that gorgeous autumn air...

relaxing after clipping 40 toenails and fingernails, and doing a few haircuts out in the backyard. 

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