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Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Sewing for Photos

Last month I mentioned to a neighbor that I was entering some of my work into the annual "Showcase of the Arts" here.  She asked if I was entering my quilts or my art.  "My photos!" I said.  She was a little upset for me that I wasn't putting my sewing out there.

I went back to Prairieland Park just before they closed last night to pick up my entries.  The show is all done.  And much to my surprise, I walked in to find this!!

Isn't that just meant to be that the photo that gets the ribbon is the one I took of my threads for the My Sweet Prairie logo!  I was pretty honored about that.  It brings my photography and my sewing full circle in a sense.

So I packed up my things and drove home.  I couldn't stop having my mind blank out about the fact that some of my most poorly graded photos are planned to be the focus of my next project!!  (O M G).  What can you do but laugh, shake it off and move forward.  I know potential when I see it.  ; )

And as I walked to our door with my big flashy green "ribbon from the fair", I couldn't help but feel like a little girl in 4-h that had the best cow.  hehehe  In the end, my boys were very proud of their mama. : )

: )



Shayleah said...

I think that's awesome....congrats on your ribbon, little miss! ;)

Vivian said...

Congratulations! I love to mix my photography with my quilting. For small projects I often print on cotton and stitch!

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