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Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Soopsee - everything I wanted!

Click on this!

MySweetPrairie consolidated!

This is SO cool.  It's my Etsy store, complete with all my Flickr photos that I couldn't post on Etsy AND my blog all on one website.  It's like getting a new bag with all the right compartments!  lol  I plan to definitely add more of my wares for sale now.  And when you click on the art photos, they come up so nice and clear, all linked to a paypal/buy it now feature even ~  geeze.  And it's EASY because I already have all those things set up. 

First my dream machine gets invented, then this.  I'm pretty happy.  Perfect for the work-at-home-mother-artist-photographer-quilter.

Someone is thinkin'!
finding computer-land easier all the time.

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