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Monday, 16 August 2010

Introducing Daisy!

Here she is!  All done, complete with a hanging sleeve on the back.  She'll be displayed for sale at McNally Robinsons Booksellers in Saskatoon until late November.  (I had to get my boys to hang it over the deck because they were too short to hold it up high enough.)  Thanks guys!

The binding is all on... mixes of colors that match all the patchwork.

How many ways can you photograph a quilt?  I love these stitches with the thread that changes from yellow to tangerine to yellow ...

Folded up - isn't the quilting around the applique so pretty?  I ran out of that variegated thread twice and had to hightail it back to the store. 

Here's the back of the quilt!  ; )

And here's some detail of the back.  Viewers of quilt shows always complain that the backs of quilts are ugly.  This one isn't.  And it shouldn't be!

So all packed up now.  I"m off to deliver it to the guild member who is in charge of hanging the show.  All I have left is to decide on a price.  ???  

YAY!  I did it.  
Now I can lay back and enjoy the rest of summer with my beautiful kids and work on the next big (two) projects LATER... like, SEPTEMBER.  : )

~Monika xo

1 comment:

Shayleah said...

Stunning! I love these colours! Reminds me of gerbera daisies and summer sunsets and lemonade on the porch! Gorgeous work, Monika!!!

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