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Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Quilt shows Quilt shows!

Good morning!  It's snowing, and I'm off to a quilt show.  There seem to be sooo many quilt shows every spring, which is quite thrilling.  My birthday is tomorrow and these quilt events are such a great way to celebrate.  I pretend all the quilters put on these events for my party.  Today's show is by the Saskatoon Creative Quilters.  ALL of their items are hand quilted.  Amazing.  (I'm with the 'other' guild that does everything by machine).
Then when I return - I NEEEEEd to do some serious spring cleaning in my studio.  

~Monika K.


Michelle V. Alkerton said...

Have fun at the quilt shows and Happy Birthday early, just in case I don't manage to stop by here :).
Stay inspired!

My Sweet Prairie said...

It's mid june... and i just found this comment. thanks Michelle! Sorry I'm such a techno-retard! lol

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