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Tuesday, 18 May 2010

lately.... ups and downs

Well it's a darn HOT May, after weeks of rain.  I've been sewing and sewing, trying to finish 2 quilts in time for the next display change at McNally Robinson's booksellers here in Saskatoon.  I had offered a smaller quilt, and then accidentally wrecked it.  (dont' ask.)  So I immediately got to work inventing a new strip pieced on point design.  DUMB IDEA.  But it looks fabulous.  I just attached a hanging sleeve and it's in the stairwell, looking gorgeous.  

After all that, I plan to write out all the instructions and measurements and submit it to a magazine for the first time.  Sounds like a big headache to me, but if I can make some cash, it would be worth it.  I seriously had my heart set on getting a tin lizzie queen quilter, but now I'm druelling over that awesome new Janome Horizon 7700.  WOW.  11 inches.  Imagine the art I could create!  sheesh.

I have a bit of hand stitching left on the large quilt.  yes - LARGE.  and yes - hand quilting!  It's my second try at it and I really like it!  I'm outlining the blue stencilledflower petals that I put on with artists oilbar paintsticks.  It's robin's egg blue, white on white quilt with brown buttons.  It's SO cute.  

And then my van blew the A/C.  $500 bucks to fix.  Good bye longarm.  If I don't fix the A/C then my three little kids will cook to death in the back of the vehicle.  
So did you know I'm a stay at home mom?  I got offered a little job teaching at a sewing store here.  I'm so pumped!  I mentioned that I make postcards and was asked to teach.  WICKED.  

well... back to my hand quilting.
: )


Anonymous said...

Wow!!! Wonderful how you're taking yourself to new levels and adventures with your art!! Congratulations talented lady :)!
Stay inspired!

whimgrrl said...

Monika, you BLOWZ me away. I'se sosososo happy for you andz just in awe of your talent! Every pic you post-y of some new kreation makez me smile a giddy lil' grin. You rOck, mah prairie friend-y! Hugz n' whee, Whim

greelyrita said...

I got here by the "you might also like". This strip quilt is SOOOO beautiful. Did you ever publish in the mag like you said? Love it!! It reminds me of a quilt I did similar to that. But yours is nicer.
If you want to see, it's here: http://whereelse.ca/sunsetquilting/?p=691

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