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Saturday, 22 May 2010

In between projects miscellaneous ramblings....

Good morning.  It's Saturday of the May long weekend.  I'm finished a whole whack of projects.  I'm in that 'eye of the storm' moments when all is quiet and I contemplate what to work on next.  I'm looking over at my sewing room and thinking I might take a leaf-blower to it.  WHAT A MESS.  My gosh.  I took a photo, but I'm too embarrassed to post it.  Ah who cares... no one reads my blog anyhow.  haha

 Is that insane!??  I made a great big quilt in there.  !?  I promise I will clean it all up and take a photo when the sun is shining in that big window.  It's a great space actually.  lol 

A facebook friend named Sarah won a postcard by guessing the correct among of threadspools in my sewing box.  One hundred and twenty seven spools (and with only 5 colors in duplicate).  Fabricland was selling rayon decorative 200m spools for 50 cents each!!  And 250m metallics for 30 cents.  nice!!

Here's a few lovelies I photographed recently that I would love to stitch out. : )

Morning after a rain while walking through the park...

From my bedroom balcony, facing north.  The sun sets in the northwest & rises in the north east during the days of longer sunlight.  Here the sun is going down and a good storm is rolling in silently.

Blackstrap Lake as we were leaving.  Did you know that there are 1000 lakes in this province?  Everyone and their dog in Saskatchewan has a cabin in the family, and spends a lot of time swimming, waterskiing, fishing, and camping at the beaches. 

At my Tante Erika's farm one spring morning... she loves birds ; )  There's a birdhouse on every post.  Saskatchewan is home to many many birds because of all the wetlands, and home to many many birdlovers too. 

Fortunately the city does not spray poison in the parks like Calgary does.  These are currant blossoms in my sons' schoolyard across from our house.  In the summer we spend hours picking and filling buckets.  We cook them down and pour them on pancakes.  mmmmmmmm

Now - to make my sewing room that beautiful!  Ha ha.

Enjoy the long weekend!!  : )
~Monika K.


Anonymous said...

Just so you know - I read your blog :) and even have a link to it on my blog!

Love your pics. Hope you've managed to get the sewing room cleaned up enough to handle your next inspirations!

Stay inspired!

greelyrita said...

Have you stitched any of these leaf pics like on this post? Your current work makes me wonder what these pics might look like stitched. If I thought it was even slightly likely that it would turn out, I would try. Afraid.

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