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Monday, 26 April 2010

a very quiet day...

It is VERY quiet.  I have lost my voice!  I have silently spent the morning cleaning, baking blueberry muffins with my daughter, doing yoga, and then sewing big brown buttons onto a show quilt.  I'll be making the binding as soon as I get off the computer. 

Blogging is weird.  It's like talking to no one publicly.  ?  Maybe that's why I've never been into it.  I did spend last night loading quilt photos just for you!  I am shocked at how many quilts I made the first year of owning my Janome!  No kidding people were shocked.  "How do you find the time so do all that sewing when you are home with three kids!?".  Easy... I don't read novels, and I clean only after the end of the day.

Sewing is my therapy. 

Sewing is my expression. 

Only last year did I finally claim the label, "artist" for myself.  I come from a line of artists.  I've always had it in me.  I proudly display my Grade 7 Art Award plaque on the wall of my sewing room now.  But I've never LOVED paints.  I love what artists create with paint.  But I've never felt the emotional pull while using any type of paint medium.  I've tried them all!  Chalk was already claimed by my mother... and too dusty for me!  I'm pretty comfortable with a stick of charcoal.  That comes like second nature.  Making pottery turned me off for some reason... too dirty?  Not into sculpting.  So I gave up the dream to be an artist, and just kept sewing.  I spent years and year of my life doing daily journalling and collaging as a form of self discovery.  But I just kept sewing on the side and enjoying the 'craft', because no one called it 'art'.

Then Molly showed up.  She's the total stranger who free-cycled her sewing room stash to me.  She lives a few neighborhoods away.  So I rode over to her house on my bicycle with a little trailer in tow to pick up the goods!  Included was a box of magazines.  HOLY HEAVY!  I packed it all up in the trailer, with the exception of one magazine.  The cover was just spellbinding and I had to put it in my basket so I could peek at it as I rode home. 

It was soooo pretty!  Magical!  There were shiny things and pretty things and all of it was put together with thread on to fabric.  I floated all the way home, reading the cover title outloud a few times.  "Quitling Arts.  ART.  Quilting.  Quilting Art."  Art made of fabric and threads...  EUREKA!  I tingled all over.  I sprouted my wings.  This was it!!  This was meant to be.  THIS I can do. 

So I got home, and plopped down on the floor, laying out all these magazines.  I read and read and soaked in every picture.  I cannot explain what I felt.  It was like I found a new path, and it was meant for me, and even more - I was ready!  I had the tools and the abilities and I could just jump right in. I can sew and collage and call myself an artist for real!  lol

Back to earth... Wow - look at me.  I'm blogging!

Alright... back to motherhood, housewifery, and getting that binding done.  : )

~Monika Kinner-Whalen

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