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Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Public Displays coming up!

I'm so excited about finishing this quilt.  It's so big, and so very fresh looking.  It will hang in the big McNally Robinson's Booksellers in Saskatoon from May 26th until the end of August.  It will be for sale, along with my living room quilt (which will not be for sale).  But it will be summer, so I figured I could live without my blankie for the season.  It's all fall colors, entitled, "Autumn in the Meadow".  It will be so wonderful to have it back in my arms for September. 

Another exciting venture for me: from May 10 until June 2o, I will be displaying some of my fibre art at the Magenta Gallery in the Centre Mall along with other members of my quilting guild.  They need to be smaller pieces.  I'm considering my thread sketches of my children, and some postcards.  Ooh I cannot wait!  It's been 18 years since I've had my art in a gallery.  Coincidentally - it was charcoal self portraits. 18 years.  Sheesh.

I'll keep you posted on what transpires.  

Back to the sewing room to 'put my foot down'.  haha.  Get it?  

peace &
love, Monika

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