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Monday, 1 January 2018

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!  I'm already gettin' down to business.  First I'll show you a new Threadpainting I'm working on.  I just finished up the free machine work this morning and now I'm ready to add the handstitching.  It's from one of my first prairie photos from when I started fibre art.  I've had it hanging around for some time and finally decided to stitch it. : )  It's a little bigger at 8" x 8" and will be framed to about 14x14inches with matting.

work in progress - first prairie threadpainting of 2018

It was nice to finally clean & reorganize my studio.  I've been working on some collaborations on one table, stitching at another, and sketching at another.  The more tables, the better.  I used to pile and pile and it was difficult to keep on top of everything.

My youngest is sketching up a storm.  She draws until about 11 pm each night.  She's been quite an inspiration and has some really interesting supplies.  One of them is a half dozen alcohol ink markers in various greys.  I outlined a photo I took onto traciing paper and finished it off the the markers.  It turned out so great!

click to view larger - University Bridge and City Hospital

I love the way the alcohol ink clings to tracing paper.  So, Every night I try to sketch as well.  I think this will be my new year's resolution (among many things).

I'm also taking the opportunity to announce a class I'm teaching this month!  It's at the Refinery on Dufferin Avenue in Saskatoon.  It's a beginner class for hand embroidery.  I will be going through a variety of stitches with their variations as well as formal embroidery tips and tricks (threading, weaving tails, stretching, etc...).  The class is in a really amazing setting downstairs in the Basement Gallery and will run over the course of THREE mornings: Wed Jan 17, Wed Jan 24, Wed Jan 31.  The idea is that when the course is done, you will have a finished project that is personal, meaningful, colourful, beautiful, and ready to hang or display.  A circular mandala-style art piece is suggested, but I have more ideas for you to chose from as you wish.  : )  Bring a friend!  I really look forward to teaching this.  It will be stitching from the heart, creating something with spirit, while learning and practicing hand embroidery by filling in space.  No experience preferred (art or stitching). : )

click to view large or go to www.emmanuelrefinery.org/classes

If you'll notice also, I have a half day class for kids age 10 to 13 that is on during mid-winter break next month.  It is for any gender, so ask your boys and don't assume it's a girl's only class.  : )

I hope to see you there.
Have a beautiful day.  : )


Lin said...

Happy New Year Monika. xx

Shane Miller said...

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