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Saturday, 30 December 2017

Year End

Well, Hello there!  I thought since I have some down time, I'd make a long over-due blog post.  As 2017 draws to an end, I'm thrilled to stop and look over the whole year.  There was lots of teaching, community art, exhibitions and art made & sold last year.  I was busy!  I thank everyone so very much for the opportunities, support and encouragement.  I also have a half page published in the current issue of UPPERCASE regarding public art projects.

Every year is bigger and better.  2018 is already looking just as fantastic.  I'm especially excited about new collaborations and expanding the scope of my art.  I've cleared a space in my sewing studio to make room for more sketching and drawing.  I have some fantastic opportunities around the theme of architecture, so I've been drawing, drawing, drawing.  I've even had some play time to paint on old sketches to create some mixed media.  I've never been a fan of mixed media, but there you go!  I'm having fun.

Thank you to everyone who has purchased my art this year.  It's been another incredible year for both my prairie threadpaintings and my yarn embroideries alike.  That feels so good!  In my busy worklife, I've been resorting to FB and Instagram must more.  I have some big out-of-the box surprises for 2018 so stay tuned.

And finally, just in case you need to see that I'm still taking photos, here you go!  We are in a Polar Vortex and have been for about a week.  The temps have wavered from -30C to almost -50C with windchill.  It's far less horrific as it sounds.  There's been hardly any wind and we've enjoyed nothing but sunshine all week.  Today my dog and I went to play on the pond.  We played and hiked for about an hour.  If you are dressed for it, you don't even get cold.  Plus - it's so incredibly beautiful out there.

He looks pretty rough and grumpy when he's all iced up like that, but he loves it out there and never wants to come back in the house.  Clearly however, he doesn't like getting his picture taken.  : )

Have a Happy New Year everyone.  I'll be back blogging a post or two about upcoming January & February classes.

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