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Monday, 20 February 2017

Sketches, Photos, Stitching - oh my!


I haven't written for so long.  Oh my.  I've been enjoying a lot of sketching as of late.  Thanks to the incredibly inspiring Heidi Hunter, I can proudly announce that I filled an entire sketchbook!  I have started dozens of sketchbooks in my life, but they just never get filled.  I start a new one for fresh inspiration, and then it gets dropped.  This one... I pressed on.  I filled and filled and there you go. Done!  Thank you Heidi : )

Every Friday, I work right in the heart of downtown, the 'concrete jungle'.  I get a nice long one hour lunchbreak and spend most of it walking and looking, exploring and capturing urban treasures with my camera.  It's been a really eye-opening experience.

I find the back alleys so incredibly interesting.  The buildings of course are man-made.  Then they are covered by people's art... and there's this layer of weathering by mother nature.  It's quite interesting when you think about it.

I still work once a week at Handmade House as well.  Here's a few of the most recent work I brought in.  If you are interested in any of them, I ship anywhere.  Just email me to see if these are still available and i'l get back to you. ; )

Minis and my last of 6 frost threadpaintings from the Winter Light show.

My exhibited artwork at the Full Potential Health offices are all changed up for the new year!  I pulled out all my fine threadwork and filled the waiting room with available yarn embroideries.  It sure changes the feeling of the room with all the texture colour!  That's exciting.

Oh and then March is coming up.  It's always such a whirwind of a month.  I'm teaching 4 classes (sorry - all full).  I'm even booked for a adolescent boy's birthday party!  No kidding.  I'll be hauling in machines and we'll be threadpainting.  How great is that!?  I'll be preparing an exhibition with immigrant/refugee women that will be on display for the month of June.  I am really looking forward to this project!  : )

The end of march is Gardenscape time, and once again I'll be busy producing for that show as soon as I wrap up my latest commission.  I'll show you tomorrow!

Have a great day wherever you are.  It's raining here and the butterflies and ladybugs have been spotted.  !?!?!  Happy family day.

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