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Tuesday, 10 January 2017


Super news
I've been waiting for over a year to tell you.  I received a request from a 'scout' to provide images for consideration in a 2nd edition of Pauline Brown's 'The Encyclopedia of Embroidery Techniques' out of the UK.  How exciting!!  I sent images in and they contacted me to say that one of my embroideries was selected!!  More than a year later, I finally have the copy in my hands.  It was released only 3 weeks ago.  I brought it to my class to make the announcement.  !  : )

I really like the way this book is laid out.  75% of the book is formal embroidery instruction which is clear with diagrams and photographs and examples.  The last 25% of the book is a themed artist gallery full up with beautiful images to provide inspiration and application potential.  The themed section is divided into chapters:  People & Animals, Landscape, Floral, Abstract, Objects / Garments.  I'm in the Landscape section and very honored to be included with the likes of Alison Holt, Mitra McQuilton, Wendy Lees, Sue Stone, Trish Burr, Emillie Ferris and on, and on - beautiful work by so many.

Gosh - I have an entire page too!!  SWOON

Thank you so much to Search Press, Quatro Publishing, and Pauline Brown.

: )


What Comes Next? said...

That's exciting! Congratulations Monika!

Beatrice said...

Congratulations! Hope to be able to leaf through the book on my next trip to the UK.

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