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Monday, 9 January 2017

First Class of 2017

This past weekend, I had the good fortune to run my 2 day workshop here at home.  I had a full class of a dozen women with backgrounds in paint, glass, watercolour, embroidery, garment and costume creation, and quilting too.  Most of the women I already knew.  It was a great fun bunch to hang with for two days up in Creative Commons YXE which is the classroom & production space above the Void Gallery.

Creative Commons YXE - great space with great light

We sketched, discussed art, played with yarn, stitched out so much colour.  We drank coffee and ate chocolate.  We dined at the Farmer's Market and at Leyda's (HIGHLY recommended).  The space was private and so bright with full rows of windows on 3 sides.

We started a little differently than before, in that it's 'the dead of winter' here in Canada.  The conditions aren't such that I can send everyone out to sketch en plein air for 2 hours.  As such, the women came equipped with their own existing photography, and they sketched from edited images on their devices or printouts that they brought along.

One person's work above.  
The whole group doing a sharing / show & tell below.

We prepped the yarns and the stitching began.

Everyone has their own style based on their sketches.

One of the participants laughed at hour the sketching takes no time and the stitching takes FOREVER.  : )

Handwork indeed is a lot more time consuming than free machine work.  I would estimate that for a 5x5" embroidery, the hand stitched yarn art takes three to four times as long as a the fine machine threadpainting in the same size.  I think many got a new appreciation for my art now that they really understand what's involved.

incorporating some needle felting

Just a note - I didn't advertise this class because I had a waitlist big enough to fill it.  I would run this class again in a heartbeat!  : )  If you are interested, simply email me to let me know you would like to be waitlisted.  I will contact when a group is ready.  : )  Monika @ MySweetPrairie dot CA

Thank you so much to all the women who spent the weekend with me making art, and thank you to Michael Peterson of the Void Gallery for making the space available to the public.

1 comment:

Lin said...

Looks like you had a great time and such a talented group of ladies. xx

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