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Tuesday, 16 August 2016

August So Lovely

I can be heard to proclaim, 'I love Winter' at any given moment.  I do.  I have to say though, I think my favourite month is August - mostly toward the end.  It's a time when I stop to focus on me and my family a little more, and break from the demands of a busy career.  It's a point in the summer when I have finally adjusted to the heat which turns me into a useless sloth.  It's also a point where I can enjoying doing less - slothing out, so to speak.

Everything is so abundant.  The first harvests are in, and in some cases they are done.  I love moving from rhubarb to raspberries to apples.

We eat hot cooked fruit on vanilla icecream.  mmmm  We swim and we swim and we swim!  This little fella was rescued from a local pool and flew away once we were back in our yard.

I've been sketching A LOT.  I've been exploring my first love: architecture.  I've been lying on the earth watching the clouds transform and move.

playing footsies with the clouds above

I've been re-evaluating things.  I've been moving forward to uncharted territory as well as revisiting and embracing what makes me tick.  So I guess August is a good month to spend time with the self.  : )  That might not be your August at all.  I know most people hit the road, but I love a good staycation anyday.

photo by my littlest

I have so much art to show you but I've posted it all over on FB & Instagram.  Catch ya later!



Caroline Heinrichs said...

Yes, August is a great month! We're doing keeping in the shade as its hot hot here in Victoria. Yummy apples and ice cream, that is the best.

Bernie said...

It'a always good to take stock and evaluate where you are. It's good to figure out where you came from and what you want as you go forward. Plus harvest is the BEST!!

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