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Monday, 1 August 2016

Happy August Long Weekend!

I have managed to squeeze in some family time.  The weather has been quite fun - we have had beautiful mornings, hot days, absolute downpours in the late afternoon, and then some terrific evenings again.  We spent some time at Jackfish Lake and Meota Beach, as well as the newly finished streets of Broadway to take in some Fringe Festival.

Here are a range of photos for you to enjoy. : )  Purple.  Yellow.  Green.  Purple.  Yellow.  Green.

this is from the lake where I grew up

this is the view from the highway of the farm where I grew up

this looks so unbelievable SOFT!! 

another version of my little trail at Cranberry Flats early one morning : )

Sage and Blazing Star bursting out at Cranberry Flats

Family Portrait of the Thistles.

still some roses, still some bees

All the best to all of you !

Monika K.

1 comment:

HollyM said...

They're all fantastic but I particularly like the thistles.

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