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Monday, 9 May 2016

My BIG Weekend

Hello again!  It's been a busy May.  It was my birthday, my mother's birthday, my daughter's birthday, our anniversary, and Mother's Day all at once!  That's a lot of BIG deals, so I try to make it a good one for me.  First - I want to share my favourite picture that my youngest girl took of my mother and myself about 5 years ago after an art show at the lake.


I called a little gathering at a restaurant on Friday night and got to spend the night with some friends and family.  It was a last minute thing, but I'm glad I did it.  I don't celebrate these events nearly as much as I want to.  So this year was a little better.

On Saturday, my Mother's day gift to myself was an Ecoprinting Workshop!!  It was a whole day with Dianne Murphy and I got to be the student, which was a real change of pace; one that I needed.

I tend to be the student who doesn't end up with the greatest results.  lol  Can you tell which wrapped dowel is mine?

I've never dyed before and so this was all new to me.  Some things worked, some things didn't.  I really liked wearing aprons and working with plants.  We dyed onto silk scarves and some watercolour paper as well.  I really enjoyed myself.  Here's one of my scarves!

I put freshly picked dandelion all over it and after the process of dunking and dye pot simmers... nothing.  Not a leaf took.   Not a single print.  The few other odd things I scattered about did take, and I ended up with a very feminine, pretty scarf.  I love it.  : )  It was a great day.

On Mother's Day, me and the littlest woke up first and so they gave me their gifts from school.  *** Thank goodness for teachers. I'm not sure mother's day would exist without their assistance.  lol

Arwen is so cute - 'I painted it ugly green just for you mom, because I know your favourite colour is ugly green.'  Yes - and I love it! : )  The Slow Cooker Recipes cook book was a garage sale find.  AWESOME!  Get this - she didn't know that 'Slow Cooker' was another word for 'Crock Pot'.  She though it meant it was for 'slow' cookers (as in, easy to follow recipes for people who cook).  Well, did we ever laugh about that one!

Then I took my three to the Dairy Queen and we had a nice supper date together.  I sure love my kids.

Bee, Liam, and Arwen - you are my everything.  
♡ You are the reason I work hard, act goofy, eat healthy, sleep like a rock, 
laugh, cry, and have an aching back.

I really love that they each have such distinct personalities, dreams, interests. The only thing I DON'T like is that there is major resistance to having photos taken, so you'll have to put up with this one from many years ago.  It's my favourite anyway.



Karen @ Pieces of Contentment said...

I hear your heart - it seems like you made many positive choices this year, a great way to go. Being a mum is the best! Your mum appears to be a free spirited creative type too???

Lin said...

Beautiful post Monika. I have no children and regret not spending more time with my brother and his family but living overseas means that I have missed out on many things. So pleased for you that you have your family around you and that you make everything so special. xx

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