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Monday, 23 May 2016

Happy May Long!

Happy May Long!

Having said that, I don't really get a long weekend off.  I've been on the road, home for a bit, and leaving again soon for more weeks teaching and lecturing.  First, I headed to the Edmonton and District Quilt Guild for a slideshow presentation to the biggest group I've ever spoken to!

This was a photo I took and edited on my cell phone that night.

Their meeting was in a theatre at the Royal Alberta Museum.  There was a really big turnout!  To the right of the podium in the photo above was a stage with a HUGE screen.  My siz inch embroideries were six FEET!  lol  It was pretty wild to see them that big! : )

To the left are dozens and dozens of finished quilts for show and tell.

I brought in quilts from Saskatoon's Janet Clatney-Bertsch (SQG) and Patti Shanks (SMQG) and they were donated to Fort McMurray folks.  THANK YOU VERY MUCH ladies!! : )

And THANK YOU Edmonton & District Quilters.  What a terrific group!  It was so nice visiting with you all. : )

And then it was back on the road again...

I headed to my home town and stayed with my aunt.  She fed me and told me stories and took me for walks.  She even packed me a lunch for my big day teaching to the North Battleford group.  lol  It was like I was back in time; a little girl again.  And when I looked in the mirror, I was sadly disappointed to find out that I am in fact, 46 years old.  Not 6!? 

Teaching the full day workshop here was great.  It turns out we are all closer knit than we realize once we all start talking.  The guild meets in the old boys' high school.  I went to the all girls' school here.

The last day, I went to visit my mom.  THAT was a very different experience.  Usually it's me, her, the dogs, three kids, neighbors for coffee, and dishes and food piled high with lots of commotion.  This time, it was just my mom and me.  That is all.  She has a dog, but that old girl just laid there and slept.  It was a very good visit - more of a heart to heart than we've ever had.

dried roses at my mother's

Next up - the weekend at Olds, Alberta!  : )

Have a great weekend everyone xo

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