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Saturday, 27 February 2016

Buckling Down

February has been BUSY - so much so that I have severely neglected blogging.  All my commissioned requests are finished up now (yay!).  Framing will get done this weekend.  In my spare time I have been working hard to keep the shop stocked with my mini prairie threadpaintings in-between grant writing and sick children.  **Thank you all for the support for my minis!  To date, I have sold one hundred of them.  I have decided to begin numbering them.  So the next batch will be 101, 102, 103...  The minis are great fun for me to make, just like my postcards have been.  Like my postcard series, these are entirely invented, dreamed up.  Unlike my larger threadpaintings, these are not based on real places and moments in time. They have been a super creative outlet based on memories and feelings from the landscape, each one of a kind.

These are just a couple of inches big, in small frames.

I am making a batch of these to sell as a vendor in two weeks.  I can hardly wait!  Last year was a very enjoyable event.  Here are the details.  Mark your calendars, it will be well work it to see the show.  : )

I will have postcard supplies and embellishments, mini and medium sized threadpaintings, a special clearance of Wish You Were Here quilted postcards, and blank greeting cards with art prints.  I am not sure how many vendors there will be this year, but I know the guild has oodles of small items all made with modern fabrics.  If you do not hear from me until then, it is because I am in production mode!  See you at the show!


Lin said...

Hope it goes well for you Monika. xx

Jeito Mineiro Bordados said...

His new website is very beautiful! Congratulations!

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