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Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Leap. (a long post)

Happy March!

It's such a strange thing to flip the calendar and see the date marked First Day of Spring.  I don't even feel like we had a real winter.  Most days were barely minus 5 when most winters have weeks of minus 20 C.  We certainly haven't had much snow either.  Today, in place of all my missing Sunday snapshots, here's some pretties form my kitchen window.  : )

February 29th was a good one!  I sent out some quilted fabric postcards and had them hand stamped to ensure the date was clear to see.  One is off to Switzerland for an exhibition.  There is an international call open now from my IG friend Claudia / Weissfeder.  It costs nothing but a stamp to enter, and the theme is 'In Between'.  PLEASE read through all the rules first HERE.  I believe this is connected to the Emboiderers' guild there, but don't quote me on that.

These are examples of a fabric postcard back / front.

You haven't seen me around because I've been up to my ears in administration.  I had to leave the house in order to be left alone to write proposals, otherwise ever paragraph would contain, 'mom!?'.  And so, I headed straight to the Library.  BIG MISTAKE.  There were adults yapping away on their cell phones, teens watching you tube videos on their devices, and then there's little kids playing computer games.  ?? When did the public library become a community activity centre?  Or a video game arcade?   I'll try the university next time I need to write.  I did it though!  I got it all done and mailed it off.  I applied for two big grants.  I'm crossing my fingers that they like my project idea! : )

Spring is crazy for deadlines.  There are so many grant deadlines, and also exhibition deadlines.  I jumped right in!  I sent my embroideries in to two Nationally Juried shows.  !  No kidding.  I'm very hopeful and excited to be part of at least one of the exhibitions.  I'll let you know and see the pieces once I hear back.

But wait.

That's not all.

To top of my fabulous leap day, a box arrived at my doorstep.  ?  I didn't order anything.  What could it be?  I opened it up to find a 2 page letter from a woman on the east coast whom I'd never met.  She's followed my work since my Prairie Dress was in the Halifax National Juried Show with CQA.  He heartfelt letter contained stories of her passion, her memories, and her love for the prairie.  Oh gosh it was so beautiful.  With the letter was nearly a dozen very fantastic coloured balls of hand dyed yarn for my art, some woven mats, and two books about Courtney Milne because she read he was in influence to me.  !!   I'm speechless.  I'm so touched.  I'm SO happy!  Wow.  What a truly wonderful gift.  So L, if you are reading this...  xoxoxoxoxox  THANK YOU THANK YOU!  I read your letter three times over.  ; )  p.s. The only book I have on Courtney Milne is Prairie Light.  THANK you.  xoxoxo

Better than chocolates and roses!  : )

By the way, I did see The Pool Project exhibition after his death, and before the Mendel Gallery closed down.  Thank you so much for these gifts, for for enjoying my blog all these years. : )


Margaret said...

Okay, so I am green with envy re the yarns...because I'm a knitter!! Maybe my priorities will change (some) after my class with you. YES -- my cheque has been cashed so I think I'm IN...What a lovely gift. A real treasure trove. Something tells me you'll be sending her a small piece...in thanks...See you in May! :-)

Lin said...

What an amazing gift! and so generous. Perfect for you. Good luck with your aplications and I adore the photograph of your kitchen window. xx

Threadpainter said...

Thought I would drop in and say hello ... Hello ! ... on this gorgeous sunny day after the snow storm last night (more hype than substance in my area), but you are right, it's been more like spring most days this winter !
So glad things are busy for you (wishing you luck with the grants) and what a fabulous gift from L. !!! Lucky you !

Lesley Bonang said...

Hi Monika. So glad that the parcel arrived safely and that you liked the books and yarn. Good luck with your grant applications. I can't wait to see where your art takes you next! Lesley

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