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Saturday, 16 January 2016

The Sweet Spot

I've been toying and toying with my yarn embroidery prices.  They've been up, they've been down.  I take into account framing and fees and hardware and materials and commissions off at galleries (up to 45% taken).  It really doesn't leave much behind for me to put food on the table.  I've bounced the prices around at Handmade House, unable to make a decision.  The Etsy shop kind of sat still until I re-adjusted the prices once more, and boom boom boom!  A good amount of sales came in!  : )  THANK YOU!  I'll be shipping everything on Monday.  So that's the sweet spot I guess?!  It's about $9/square inch with no extra costs for framing.  Done.  I'm not toying with it any more.

The shop online is down for now until the next pop-up sale.  The artwork remaining is still available through me or at Handmade House.  I'm excited that July I will be having a solo exhibition of my 'yarnies' here in Saskatoon!  I have my work cut out for me to fill the space.  So in very preliminary planning, I've been sketching and sketching plans for new work from my local photos.

Can you see how the lines and marks will be stitched yarns?

This next one has a little more detail and will be done in a finer stitch, not likely the chunky Noro yarns only.  I think for this one, I'll use some of the silk threads and yarns I have from Margot Lindsay.  Isn't this pretty?  It totally calls for more finer work.

I really love my studio set up.  I spent several days sorting, clearing, and then rearranging my studio layout.  It's awesome.  I now have a corner tucked away just for using these messy oil pastels.  I never like taking them out with fabric and matting around.  That has to stay clean clean.  I set up good lighting in my drawing corner, a pile of bare paper and mat boards are stacked just waiting to be marked on, and a very large tack board is on the wall to pin up things as I go.  It's now one of my most favourite spots in the room - a sweet spot indeed!  It's so easy to just sit and do a sketch (or three) every morning before I move on to stitching or emails.

With just a little bit of change, things are happily on their way.  I feel like this new body of work is a sweet spot in and of itself.  It's been a great 'awakening' experience.

What about you - have you felt the urge to do spring cleaning after the holidays?


Melissa said...

Hedgehog fibres does some really pretty variegated yarns if you were looking for different colors for your paintings

Denise Epp said...

Hello Monika:
I love your sketches. They are impressionistic artworks on their own and they too could be framed. I await the finished yarn/thread painted pieces.

Pricing is such a difficult thing, so many things to consider. A per inch formula is a good method. Then as you said the other variables ie. the % taken by those selling your work. But please do no be discouraged, you and your art are worth it.

We, in Rosthern, are looking forward to a year from now when you have a show here.

Lin said...

Pricing is always difficult isn't it! Your pastel sketches are great and are going to make brilliant embroideries. xx

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