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Thursday, 28 January 2016

Let's Do This!

Something new!  I was asked last fall by the Edmonton Needlecraft Guild in Alberta to run a hand embroidery workshop this spring.  I spent much of the winter floating ideas around in my head pondering what would make a good 2 day workshop.

As you know, I stumbled upon the oil pastels and stitching with yarn as part of the Arts Board Creative Grant.  I'm terribly excited about this new process.  I feel like I have so much energy for this.  It is so full of texture, so full of colour, and I love that they come from my own drawings.  They are so 'me'.

And so - this is what I will be teaching in Olds at the Fibre Potpourri   (linked to FB).  I can't wait!  I will lead you through working with pastels and mark making in order to translate it into stitch.  We will be working with the local environment, both indoor and out door.  We are in for a BIG treat as the Olds College features a beautiful Botanic Garden setting (linked to FB).  If the weather is aweful, I'll have some backup images we can go through from the area.  The workshop area looks lovely and FULL of natural light.  (See their FB page here).  There will be brief discussion on using photos as well as direction on composition and colour.  I'll supply the art materials for this exploration.  Then I'll walk you through how I use the Noro yarns and we'll get stitching some projects!  I'm excited because you will be stitching your own creations, so your final pieces will be uniquely yours.

MAY 27, 28, 29

Linked above is the event page.  I can't wait.  There will be a banquet, merchant mall, guest speaker, Friday Social, lodging, and a handful of embroidery teachers offering a great variety of workshops. Please click to learn more.

Thank you Edmonton Needlecraft Guild! : )  I can't wait to see what everyone creates.

Have a good day!


Margaret said...

I didn't read this before I sent off my registration -- honest! But I live in "Aspen land" (there is a road leading west here that is referred to as 'Aspelund Road' -- look it up!) and when I make trees, they are always based on the aspen 'round here (or ones I knew living in Calgary over 30 years). If it weren't the maple, or the Douglas fir, the aspen might have landed on Canada's flag all those years ago!!

Caroline Heinrichs said...

OK, now you are really on the move. I'm now in Victoria, even farther away from Calgary. I'm going to play around with my Noror Yarns and little piece of felt I found at a thrift store. Love this new workshop, have fun my friend!

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