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Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Postcard Fun, Take 2

Yesterday, the cold wind blew in and the day became rather blustery.  Still no snow, but you can finally feel things changing.  I had a postcard workshop in my home studio yesterday.  Because my fabrics were still divided by warm and cool colours, I went with the theme of Hot & Cold once again for this group.  It was a little vague for a first time theme, but I think folks enjoyed the fabric play nonetheless.

hot and cold theme

These (above) were made by two women at opposite ends of of the classroom.  The first was about staying warm in the winter, and the maker spoke about her fond memories of cross country skiing.  She said they would stop to build a fire and heat up some hot chocolate.  I love that story.  What a great experience!  This card isn't quite finished but the feel of it is so magical.

The second card (above) is so cute how she has one tree decorated!  She worked to use hot and cold colours.  She did quite a lot of couching with the warm coloured yarns.  How clever to use them as strings of light!

high contrast colours

The card above is pictured here in progress.  She was wanting to stay in Autumn mode since winter isn't really here yet... but she went all out using hot and cold colours in her fall leaf scene.  You can really see how the cooler greens and blues recede and the hot reds and orange come forward and visually pop right off the background!

The nest one made me laugh.  It's 'naked snowmen on a beach'.  hahhah  Yup.  So she used the hot and cold in her image as well as her fabrics.  Every time she said 'naked' I yelped and covered my eyes.  lol

soaking in the sunshine

This last photo is too cute.  I think she started out abstract, just piecing very different fabrics together, some warm, some cool.  Eventually, she realized it looked like a camera.  So that's what she did!  It even has a strap attached.  How creative!  She added black plastic for the shiny viewer, and buttons for the buttons!  : )

Say Cheese!

Thanks Ladies!  I'll see some of you soon again as I get ready for the Threadpainting Class this afternoon.  : )


Caroline Heinrichs said...

Oh so cute, love that camera, very inventive. Much praise Prairie Princess!

Radka said...

They are all wonderful :-)

Lin said...

Those snowmen are brilliant!

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