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Monday, 13 July 2015


Every week I bring a new batch of threadpaintings to Handmade House.  Here are a few of the latest I brought by earlier in the week.

Available at Handmade House.  You can find my larger threadpaintings across the street at the SK Craft Council.
These are my cell phone pictures.  I've been lazy, doing the quick snap of a pic and with a click of a button it's on Facebook or Instagram.

The minis are so fun to make, and more creative for me since I'm just inventing the landscapes from memories and intuition.  By 'mini', you can see that I mean mini.

And this... I was in the mood for winter colours last week.  Maybe it was because of the soft orange haze from the raging fires up north.   I had cattails and sunrise photos from a couple winters ago, that I had never stitched.  This one is done now - for no reason in particular other than I felt like it.  : )  It's ready for a frame and stitch-signed.

Gentle Winter, 2015

I tried to capture the mood from this photo session I did south east of the city.

Remember those?  They make me happy.  The frame is more of a shadow box style, and the matting is a creamier colour.  It'll look terrific I think!  Very gentle indeed.

Thanks for looking!  : )

1 comment:

Caroline Heinrichs said...

Happy gentle scenes, these are lovely! Mini's really are tiny.

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