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Sunday, 17 May 2015

Sunday Snapshots

Photos from Gabriel Dumont Park on the South Saskatchewan River in Saskatoon...

YES~  What a beautiful day, though it got SO windy that the river was full of whitecaps.

The kids had such a nice time waking through the fine, warm sand in their bare feet.  Did I mention it was windy?  60km/hr gusts was pretty crazy!  I had to hold these branches in place just to get a photo.

Up above the banks, I found this lovely spot to sit... and do nothing but enjoy the day.  I've been so busy busy busy with shows and commissions and teaching, it's been 24/7.  I can't recall the last time I took a day to rejuvenate.

: )

p.s.  2 more weeks until the Ceramics & Stitchery show in Melfort comes down!  Then it's off to Weyburn at the end of June.  I can't believe it's almost summer.

Happy 'May Long' everyone.  I hope you enjoy yourselves and get a bit of gardening done.

1 comment:

Lin said...

Great pictures Monika - that white flower is stunning. xx

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