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Monday, 18 May 2015

Postcard Bee & MQG

I recently discovered that the Saskatoon Modern Quilt Guild will be having their first official quilt show next month.

Right away, I thought how cool it would be to have a section in the show just for Quilted Postcards with modern flair!?  I recall one year, the Saskatoon Quilt Guild's huge show had a section for an idioms challenge.  I enjoyed looking over those smaller art quilt challenge pieces so much.  Sometimes small, creative bursts of eye candy can really bring a joyful flavour to a quilt show.  So - I called up the Saskatoon Modern Quilt Guild and invited them to my sewing space for a late night postcards bee with the idea that the results of the evening could be displayed at the show.


I spend many nights alone in my sewing space, so this was wonderful to invite people in just for sewing.  It was one busy Bee night.

that's a whole lotta Janome machines! : )

I picked the Friday of the May long weekend for this, and unfortunately. several were not available because of family events, travelling, or health reasons (Oh Carly - we missed you so much!).  I did have four fantastic women come in though.  Each brought a small bag of modern fabric scraps... because I have none.  *thank you.

I started blogging right when the Modern Quilt Guild movement was born.  I was blown away by what I saw.  The guilds popped up everywhere across the USA and then in Canada.  The Modern Quilt Guild members across this continent are very passionate what they do.  It's practically an industry.  I tried so hard to keep up as a new quilter, but I just could not get it.  I did not fit in and could not for the life of me create an original modern quilt.  That was also the time I got into fabric art postcards, began landscapes, and was hired to do my first commission.
And then another.
And another.
...and so down the art path I went.

This Modern Quilt Show announcement reminded me how much I tried to create that look but failed.  And so, initiating this Bee with the SaskatoonMQG was a way for me to (hopefully) learn.  I provided the stabilizer, backings, and sewing space.  They provided the fabric scraps, and thank you for the munchies!  We made a pile with the fabric donations and we started to sew postcards.  I asked, 'how do you make modern?' and Jaclyn would say, 'Just be yourself ...but don't do landscapes.'  haha. Yeah.   And so then what!?  ; )

I watched them create, I asked questions, and I tried out a few things.  Postcards are SO great for experimentation with new techniques because it's small and over quick so you can assess how you are doing.  Me?  Meh.  Not so great.  However, the fabrics were so AMAZING and I marveled at how they put them together.  Here are some of their results.

sweet mini-quilts / modern postcards

Once everyone left, I kept going.  In fact, I made 10 cards myself that night!  I woke up the next morning and whipped up 5 more.  No kidding!  I could have kept going - I was so inspired by the fabrics and how to coordinate them.

This was my first card.

playing with 12 weight thread, so nice and thick

I love it.  I'm not sure it qualifies as Modern though.  Maybe?

This next one was too much fun.  It all started with those EARS.  That's the whole piece of fabric - just the ears.  Away I went.  It's a cut & paste collaged style.

I won't show you all 15, but this was one of the last ones I made.

I could just keep going.
Postcards are addictive!

my batch of modern postcards

Okay - one more.  Someone in the MQG made a rainbow stripped card that was sliced and had a white piece put in between.  I thought looked fantastic, so I bounced off that idea and made a b&w rainbow and split it with some major colour.  (see below)

the fabrics are just so fun.

Am I getting close?  Well,, if not, between the bubbles and the paper clips, I'm pretty happy anyway. : )  The fabric is too fun and I'm definitely enjoying letting go into abstract.

Thanks for reading this loooong post.  In the mean time, I have restocked Fabric Postcard supplies in my ETSY Shop (linked).  There's lots of supplies available.  I hit the garage sale jackpot for embellishment colourways as well!

THANK YOU to the Saskatoon MQG for letting me play with you. ; )  I am so inspired.  I will be putting some of my Modern Postcard entries into the show too I hope.  If you already make postcards and want to add some modern ones to the show (or larger Modern quilts), there's a small entry fee if you aren't a member (ten bucks).  You still have today and tomorrow to enter quilts.  It's easy, via email.  You can read more about the show and how to enter  here.

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Lin said...

Looks like a great evenings work to me and so glad you enjoyed it. xx

Rosa said...

Those are just fantastic.Love them all!

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