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Thursday, 14 May 2015

Commission Complete

This week I was finally able to work on commissioned art.  This one will be joining it's 'sister'.  It's a scene of done a few times in varying sizes.  The first and largest was in 2012 and I only recently had the heart to let it go.  It was real turning point in my work, where i felt like I was painting and not just colouring in or making things up.  It's like my work matured.  Maybe it's because I used a sketch book with this one.  And so, here's the newest version at 5x5".

It's 2 pieces of cotton fused onto a stabilizer, a bit of penciled in guide marks, and I begin free motion work on this blank slate.  Pretty bare bones so far!!

I stabilize pretty well so I don't have to hoop a square in a circular frame.  I teach with a hoop but when I do my art, I feel hoops get in my way.

95% of the time, I spend at least a half a day hand stitching.  I just do not feel it's complete until I have the handwork done.  Some things just cannot be the way I want with a machine.  Some of my canola fields might be an entire week just stitching the French Knots.  But for the most part, the machine work really doesn't take much time at all - usually not more that a day depending on size.  I probably spend as much time selecting blendable colours and changing thread as I do machine stitching.

Here it is... complete.  I hope you like it T.!  : )  I'll have it framed for the weekend.

another fall day at Cranberry Flats : )

Love it!

*** NOW ***  I have to clear our my studio mess and set up some tables and chairs.  I'm having company!!!  I'm having a sewing bee at my place with _________________ !!!  : )  I'll post about it Saturday.  

haha can you tell I'm excited!??

Have a great week,


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Lin said...

Beautiful Monika. xx

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I love it too!

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