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Friday, 8 May 2015

Finished It Friday

I just completed a big postcards order for the SK Craft Council.  Believe it or now, these are my Prairie Postcards #308 to #321.  Yes.  That is how many I have made: THREE HUNDRED AND TWENTY ONE stitched prairie scenes @ 4x6 inches.

I absolutely love making and teaching Quilted Postcards.  I'm not picky.  I will use any fabric that works, from hand dyes to commercial prints.  We had a lot of fun making them in Melfort last weekend.  I chose the topic I Love Spring and someone said, 'I prefer fall.'  lol  And so I quickly amended the theme to be My Favourite Season.  That resulted in a couple people choosing winter.  So there...  I'm not the only one.  : )

I meant to have these ready for Mother's Day at the Boutique but life and health got in the way.  I was pretty sick for 10 days.  I missed celebrating my birthday and I lost my voice as well.  I really hope that I didn't pass that bug on to anyone who took last weekends classes!

I really like this batch of landscapes.  They were easy to do after the drive home.  I was feeling so inspired.  These mini landscapes are a perfect way to simplify.   It was really nice to have a couple hours on the highway again.  I miss that.

Now I'll pack these up and run them down to the SCC Boutique on Broadway in Saskatoon.  If there's one here you particularly like, let me know quick and I can hold it back for you.  I sell them for $28.  The are not framed but do look terrific that way! : )

* * * For anyone who happens to be on Flickr, you are more than welcome to add your Postcard photos to the pool HERE.  You might also enjoy clicking on that link to take in all the eye candy.   There's a great batch of fibre art there.

If you want to hear the radio show I was referring to in class, that is with Brandy Lynn Maslowski / Canadian Quilt Talk Radio HERE.  I've linked specifically to the Postcards podcast, but she has so many to listen through as well.  Brandy is from BC and was recently in Moose Jaw as a quilt judge!  She also caught the Quilted Postcard bug and runs swaps now and then.

Next - to get on with awaiting commissions.  I have four to get to!  2 are small and 2 are bigger.  (I THANK EACH OF YOU for your patience.)  Onward!

Have a lovely weekend everyone, and good health to you.


Caroline Heinrichs said...

Happy Mother day to you! Such lovely eye candy to read about. Health and life do have their own way from time to time. Happy stitching.

Terri said...

Sunday May 10 is Mother's Day here in the U.S.A. Just borrow ours and celebrate a bit late.
Love your latest. So pretty.


Vicki W said...

Oh, I just adore these! I was working on some landscape cards for a while and I need to get back to them.

Ellie said...

Wow such a lot of work in those! They are so pretty, it is well seeing you love what you do!
Sorry to hear you haven't been well hope you are on the road to recovery now :)

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