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Sunday, 19 April 2015

Sunday Snapshots

Oh the blue, blue, blue of Spring!

Waiting for green, but enjoying the blue.  This will be a fun photo to play with.

I'll be stitching that one.  These are terrific cropped versions as well.

These were all taken on the grid road when I headed to my friend's place to see the crocuses last weekend.

Oh, isn't that just gorgeous!?   It was a really hot say and my daughter stared at that blue and finally said, 'can we jump in and swim?'

: )

Happy Sunday


marny said...

I must confess I have never been drawn to the prairies, being a west coast girl, but having followed your blog for a while and having seen your wonderful photos (and your beautiful work), I think you are winning me over!! Lovely!!

Lin said...

Very you Monika - I look forward to seeing your work based on these. xx

Patti said...

I love these pics too.

Connections Fibre Artists said...

Great inspirational photos ! Lovely blue reflected in the water ... too hot, did you say ?
We've had a few warm days this past week ... everyone taking their clothes off in anticipation !!! LOL

Connections Fibre Artists said...

oops, it's me, Sharron !

monika@mysweetprairie.ca said...

Oh! ;) hello there... I was wondering.

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