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Thursday, 8 January 2015

Things I Love Thursdays

I love winter.  I love the colours and the textures.  I love the sparkle.  I love the silence.

I love the elegant sunrises and sunsets we've been enjoying.  They've inspired a lot of new work.

I love the softness of this new set.  The ones I made last summer were vibrant and full of funky commercial prints.  These are full of hand dyed pastel coloured fabrics my pal Dahn custom made for me.  We barter.  I have amazing fabrics from her and I love to look for wee pieces to cut out that would be perfect on a postcard.  I love the challenge of finding just the perfect little parts.  There are four fabrics layered on this next one.  I love the hint of clouds placed so low.  I think this next one is my favourite out of this batch.

p.s.  I have a monitor that is not colour-set properly, so please let me know if they look more grey or yellow or pink to you.

If you happen to love postcard making, there's a flickr group I put together here for anyone to join.  There's a tutorial up in my tabs across the tops of the blog.  And there's postcard supplies here.  

Have a great Thursday!


ally said...

They look lovely, Monika. The softness definitely speaks volumes.

Terri said...

I guess your camera is working perfectly - your work is gorgeous.
(So you can add yourself to your reader, become a follower of your own blog to see how things look to us. I did it, so I could see how it shows on the reader. It's fun to see your own blog there.)

Dahn said...

I always love to see how your artistic eye uses the fabrics I dye for you. When I am making the fabric, I manipulate dyes to make designs, ten when you use it, it is completely different than what I expect. You go girl.... :-)

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