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Sunday, 4 January 2015

Happy New Year - The Sun is Shining

Now that the dust of 2014 has settled, I'm completely shocked to face the fact that it is already January!  What on earth happened to 2014?  Last I knew, I was building my new dream studio with the pleasure of knowing i would be creating in it all through the winter.  I would have the WHOLE entire winter!  Then I spent October to Christmas trying to sell my home.  The dust indeed is settling.  I have been wrapping my head around the notion that I am staying.  I am staying!  It's mine - and now where did I stash everything to make way for all those open houses and last minute showings?  !

Dusting things off, putting things back, rooting back where I began to uproot...  it's hard to trust the process.  It's a but like waking from a good dream, and then trying to relax enough to pick up where that dream left off.  I hope if I can let down my guard and settle back in.  I want that dream back!  Do you know what I mean?

So after much rearranging and setting up again, I began a new batch of Prairie Postcards.  They are all pretty pinks and white and blue watercolour washes of winter landscapes with bits of twinkle.  They are the softest, gentlest landscape postcards I've ever made.  I hope to show you them soon.  The still need a bit of tweaking before they are complete.

And in other news...  we woke up to a beautiful sunny day.  It's clear as a bell and colder than ever!  MINUS 50 Celcius with the windchill!  Some of my windows have been painted over night by good ol' Jack Frost.

Have a sunshiny Sunday everyone.


Anonymous said...

:) So happy to hear!

Stay inspired!

Giddings Art said...

After all the hard work on your beautiful new studio I am so happy to hear that you will stay! Wishing you an exciting New Year with many wonderful blessings!

Maneki said...

Love that photo of the frosty window. To me, it looks like a flock of birds flying away. Like when you accidentally scare a bunch of crows resting in a tree top.

And the first pics feels so serene. We're having a warm winter so I'm really missing seeing scenes like that outdoors now. A good winter needs lots of frost and some snow.

Happy New Year!

Threadpainter said...

This will seem a bit tropical to you, Monika, but we in Ontario are starting to feel the effects of winter again ... -16 and down to -19 tonight !. After our green Christmas and New Year's, this is a bit of an eye-opener to us ;)
Love the way you are going with your postcards ... can hardly wait to see !

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