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Friday, 9 January 2015

Enjoying the Process

Here's something you might not have seen yet.  It's inspired by images of heather I noticed in the background of an ad in a waiting room fashion magazine.  (I know... it's so not me).  However, I was smitten with the contrast of the pops of pink on such heavily shaded ground.  I could not stop thinking about those colours!  I headed for the studio and I pulled out a large section of black felt.  It's one of those things you keep but you don't know why.  Thank goodness I hung on to it!  I began stitching into it with black yarn to create texture.  Crazy, right?  It's loaded with seed stitches.  I added some gorgeous dyed curls that were a gift from a student (THANK YOU!!) and began little rows of French Knots in various pink cottons and silks.  I don't know if it's emulating heather perfectly, but I'm okay with that.  I stitched and I stitched.  The curls are needle felted in place.  I'm not exactly sure what this will look like when I'm done, but I have some ideas of how to incorporate silk ribbon into this.  It's somewhat experimental but I do have a vision for it.  And I AM enjoying this!

It feels good to spread my wings.  This is quite a big piece still in progress.  It is in the style of my 'Where Sunlight Falls'.  Deep shadows and bright highlights all done by hand of a ditch.  This won't but for sale right away.  It is part of my new body of work that I'm establishing thanks to the SK Arts Board grant.  (My contract asked to kindly promote that, so here you go...)

thank you!

I intend to create a whole new batch of work in the next several months thanks to this support.

AND guess what!?  Our Prairie in Fibre opens in ONE WEEK!   :)   I'll be spending time at the gallery mid-week to open up all the pieces that have been sent in.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you to all the artists involved in this show.  I am thrilled to be able to see all that amazing work in person.  Yes - I am enjoying the process of curating.  I promise to make up an artist list and link to their websites so you can peek around and enjoy.  PLEASE feel free to copy and paste this promotional poster below as it is intended for sharing.  : )

Prairie inspired Felting, Hooking, Crochet, Quilting, Knitting, Weaving, Embroidery
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Wall art - Sculptural - Wearable - Video Installation

One last thing - a bit of housekeeping.  If you look at the top tabs on my page, you'll see some things have changed.  My CV is linked off of 'About the Artist' and a new tab is there with information on how to purchase.

Have a great weekend everyone : )
Thanks for stopping by.


Lin said...

Your heather piece is looking gorgeous! Enjoy opening up all those parcels - how exciting. xx

Anonymous said...

can't wait to see the progress of the heather piece. .. It is just Stunning!!

Places to visit in Gurgaon said...
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