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Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Sending and Receiving.

Hello!  I've been finishing up pieces that sold from the open studio and getting them off to their new owners.  I made one delivery out to a farm.  It was great to take some photos.  It was sunny as I bundled up, but as I drove out, the sky clouded over for the rest of the day.  Oh well.  I got this image which I think is awesome.  I don't think I would stitch it, but I love the spooky view.

It wasn't foggy out.  There was a very fine snow falling over the land.  I love the way things just disappear into the distance.

I finished up a piece for a woman who spied a sample at my studio that was not for sale as it was in progress.  She fell in love with some silk work I had done, and asked if I could stretch-mount it as is without a frame.  So that's what I did.  This is only the second time in five years that anyone has specifically asked for no glass.  I thought that was pretty cool.  I ended up using a stiffening starch to maintain the cheesecloth.  I got the idea from that cheesecloth starched ghost I was showing you.  We discussed various ways of keeping it in place.  I could have stitched it down, but that would change the look.  She liked it just the way it was.  It worked out so great - I'm really proud to send this one off now.

 Here is a detailed shot of how it's mounted.  I did clean up all the lint fyi.  ;)

When I got back home, I had a postcard waiting for me!!  It's from Michelle Eaton with the St. Albert group that I ran a class for in May.  That's awesome!  It even came with a 'Haunted Canada' stamp on back.  Spooky!

It's such a beautiful pop of colour, isn't it!?  Awesome. 

And hey!  If you are interested in joining a postcard swap, Brandy Lynn has one open again.  (She did the Canada Day Maple Leaf swap earlier this year after our postcards podcast.)  This round, the theme is Snowflakes!  *  You can sign up as many times as you want.  It's free.  If you sign up three times, you'll get three quilted snowflake postcards in the mail.  You just need to buy stamps.  How cool is that?  : )  Sign up & info is at the very bottom of her page HERE

Have a great day everyone!


Lin said...

Your silk flowers piece looks super mounted like that - just perfect. Great postcard. xx

monika@mysweetprairie.ca said...

Merci Lin :)

HollyM said...

Lovely piece, Monica! I'm currently working on one for a client and looking for finishing ideas. I'm curious about the background. Is it painted or fabric covered if you don't mind?

Maggi said...

The silk work piece looks great mounted like that. I always prefer to see textile work that is not behind glass; the texture is so much more obvious.

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