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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Works in Progress

I'm in - and I'm stitching away.  I used four 100wt bobbins up already in just a couple days.  You can wrap a lot of decobob onto a bobbin.  In fact, it takes so long to wind one that it's likely the most boring thing I've ever done!  lol  Here are some works in progress...  Remember - they are not done and still quite plain, but I thought I had better show something.  ; )

That last walk out at Chief Whitecap Park with my dog put me in such an amazing mood.  I put my  images up on the computer to use as reference and start building the background colours up with fabric and thread.

The next photo is a work in progress with a mat just to see how things are filling in.  I keep an extra one nearby while I'm sewing so I can keep checking my progress.

work in progress

Now I'm ready for hand stitching.  But wait!  It's been so long since I've ran my machine, I had to keep working on more.  I figure I can spend a couple days later on just finishing the hand work on all of them...

Pictured above is on older photo I took out there last summer.  I've been hanging on to it for a while, knowing some day I would stitch it.  I just love the blending of colours in it - the shades of green and the plops of yellow.

Here it is in progress - the machine work is all done and the rest I will also do by hand.

work in progress - the bare bones of it

Oooh I love how this one is working out.  I feel like once the stems are in, it will be just perfect.

There you go - I feel caught up with show and tell after a couple of quiet months building the studio.  It is amazing to have all the threads and supplies organized and at hand.  I forgot how much I love threadpainting. : )  I have lots more on the go...  Talk soon!

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genie holt said...

Your work/art brings me much pleasure. I'm so glad you share your progress.

Threadpainter said...

Love your progress shots !

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