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Sunday, 12 October 2014

Sunday Snapshots

Oooh - had a beautiful time out at Chief Whitecap Park with my doggie yesterday.  I went right at the end of the sunshine and it was soo awesome.

Here the sun is behind a low bank of cloud.  I'm looking forward to what will happen when it sinks between there and the horizon.  There's a beautiful lookout point where you are very high on a cliff overlooking the South Saskatchewan River.  It's funny how the leaves fall from the bottom up.

It was so loud with all the geese honking.  There weren't a lot of them out there, but gee, they were noisy!

The colours of the grasses were so gorgeous.  
Above is the grass underfoot.  
Below is the grass as the sun neared the horizon.

That is just like my piece in Alberta with the Prairies show that is called June Grasses.  This is calling for a sister piece isn't it!?  October Grasses.  Yes ma'am.

As the sunshine deepened, my camera was having troubles (okay - so maybe it was me - haha).  I took these ones with my cell phone.  It cares less about light and dark.

What a beautiful weekend it has been.  I hope you are enjoying it.  Happy Sunday!


Kate said...

Beautiful photos, Monika. Thanks for sharing them with us.

Candy said...

Love the top photo with the yellow and gray.

Mystic Quilter said...

Stunning photographs, the colours of the grass and trees just beautiful I love your second photo.

HollyM said...

I absolutely love that first phot with the gold and grey colors. I've been seeing som of the same here.
I've also been thinking I might need some lessons with my camera. It is an excellent camera and I really don't kbow how to use all the functions.
Happy thanksgiving!

Patti said...

Your pictures always capture the beauty of the prairie that I feel in my own heart. I am thankful for your talents.

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