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Monday, 29 September 2014

Oh Happy Day

It's getting colder out, and it's getting darker too.  But it does not bother me one bit.  I have my she-cave and it feels amazing. 

Everyone loves that little office divider.  It's a plastic hanging stencil from the dollar store.  This is my view from the back of the classroom, where I sit and blog and load photos and say hi on Facebook.  : )

Of course, my creative charmer is here. 

She fits just great in this room!  She makes me so happy.  I love how she clears the air when she turns.  She can be distracting though.  I think she hypnotizes me. lol   More happy news:  all my stuff is more or less moved in and sewing has begun!

I have a funny story.  While reorganizing of my old space, I discovered... (o my this is embarrassing) ...a sewing machine I forgot I had!  Not.  Even.  Kidding.  It was Fiona!  How could I have misplaced Fiona!?  She's the center machine there in the blur - a basic Kenmore I named Fiona because she looked like an ogre but was really a princess.  Penny is my Horizon because she's red and cost a pretty penny.  Bea is named for Plan B - though she quickly became my main machine.  She's a Janome 3160 - only 12 pounds with auto cutter.  LOVE.

Now I have an extra basic machine.  Fiona is not great for threadpainting, but she's good for postcards. 

Oh!  Postcards!  Speaking of which - we're on!  Wednesday, Oct 1st from 11 to 2, I'm holding my first Postcard workshop here.  It will likely be autumn themed.  I have some wonderful fabrics to play with and the class is cheap as classes go.  ($10 per hour plus small kit fee.)  I can add one more person - maybe 2 - if you want to email me for a last minute addition.

my girls - Fiona, Penny, and Bea.

So I've decided to go ahead and take the plunge.  I'm setting a date for my 'studio warming'.  I feel super nervous just thinking about it.  Not all the renos will be done, and the house won't be perfect... but let's do this before the snow flies! 

Of course, this weekend we are busy. 

The weekend following is Thanksgiving. 

I suppose the weekend after that will be the magic moment.  I'm thinking Friday evening the 17th, or Sunday afternoon the 19th?  I'll make an official email announcement and try my darnedest not to chicken out.  There.  Date set.  : )

Have a great day!


elle said...

Good for you! The charmer is a wonderful addition. I have one, well, two actually and I'd add another in a minute! :)

Judy Cooper Textile Images said...

Congratulations on your new space! it looks wonderful. Wish I was closer to pop in to your studio opening! I'm in St. John's, NL.

Lin said...

So pleased for you Monika. Have a great time tomorrow and best wishes for all the following classes. xx

Giddings Art said...

Congratulations on your beautiful, BRIGHT, inspiring new studio!! How very exciting! If I lived close enough, I would sign up in a heartbeat for your new class. (Please rethink the video lessons for us folks way down south)
;) Don't worry about your house being perfect....you are inviting creative people to your new studio...they will not even remember your house! I love your story about misplacing Fiona!!

Verna G said...

Looking foreward to your open house! Hoping to convince Vern to come too!

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