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Thursday, 2 October 2014

Things I Love Thursdays

I love these colours!

This is the view over the South Saskatchewan River Sunday evening.  I love how the prairie sun can get lower and lower and things begin to glow.  I love how the water appears orange.  Just to show you that I didn't edit the photo, here is the perspective from the side of the bank where I was, out of the sunlight.

I love it!  It's like two different worlds.  I think it confused my camera.

I love Autumn evenings.  And the best thing was that these images were all taken in the city.  Yup.  The far end of Spadina Crescent - we stopped to play at Meewasin Park.  See the fencing and the cyclists up on the bike paths?

I love that I have every single shade of pinkish, brownish, orangish, greenish, greyish that is in there. I even see purplish.  These will be terrific to stitch up!

Happy Thursday to you.  I hope Autumn is bringing wonder to your world.


Lin said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous! Not much colour here yet - it has been so warm for September. xx

Margaret said...

Glorious! Has me wondering how you (who can create such detail) and I (who works with 'impressions) might collaborate...are you game? If so...e-mail me...


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