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Friday, 5 September 2014

Easing Back Into It

This has been a great week.  Everyone has been easing into new routines which includes 'early to bed and early to rise'.  I was a morning person all my life, but the past few years have been just the opposite.  I forgot how much I am made for mornings.

the schoolyard one morning

I like being there to watch the world wake up.  It sets a good mood for the rest of my day.  I see things that are so magical and easy to miss if you are too busy (or still sleeping).

sleepy bee.  waiting to dry and fly

In case you are wondering (you are wondering, right?), my new studio is not ready.  I am super-crazy happy with the color though!  You were all right.  Some shelves are are up and some other colours are in and the walls are only a subtle back drop.  It's beautiful.

I had some highly supportive conversations with other artists waiting for their new spaces.  It's tough!  It's really, really difficult to hold back on creativity.  It's a lot like the end of a pregnancy.  Waiting, waiting - will it be today?  Will it be tomorrow?  Waiting... I haven't been blogging much partly because I've been busy with summer / school / mothering / renovations, but partly because I figure you want to see some new work.   I don't want to bore you with, "hey look!  more drywall xo "

after an overnight rain

I can tell you that the walls are done.  ALL DONE.  Some shelving is up.  THAT is exciting.  I used a lot of open white wire closet shelves so I can see all colours of my stash once I'm in.  It's gotta be a place to inspire, right!?  The heaved concrete has been smashed up (thank you husband) and hauled out (thank you children).  Now we are leveling and so, so close to laying down that hickory coloured floor.  It's going to be so beautiful.  Yes - the studio is dry, no water ever, no dampness even.  But it's Lakeview and after 30 years, things have shifted.  Thus - 'doing the floors' is much, much more than 'doing the floors'.

I still do have my heart set on an open studio soon.  I was banking on the Autumn Equinox, but I may need until early October to make it presentable.  My studio is an art project in and of itself.  In the mean time, I'm at the kitchen table stitching and writing and editing and making phonecalls all day, everyday...  I feel like an Office Manager and not an Artist.

Stitching?  Yes.  I did say I was.  A little.  It's for a tutorial that is due this month.  Here's a little sneak peek of what I'm working on for it.  They are done with hand stitched yarn.  While they are landscape inspired, they are quite organic and abstract.  I'm learning to let go a bit and it feels super (even if it's not marketable stuff).

detail of a new ditch piece

I started this one during the Battleford's Handcraft Festival demonstrations.  It's possible the slowest piece I have ever done.  This is still only the background.  ! lol  So as for this and the Office Manager duties, I'm giving myself one more week to complete all my contracts and then I'll start up some threadpaintings.  I have three commissions waiting.  I was secretely hoping to be doing them in my new space, but I suppose I'll have to suck it up and do some tidying of the old space & get back to work.  Stay tuned!  : )

Thanks for popping by,


Giddings Art said...

I love the photo of the schoolyard in the early morning. I too am a morning person. I love being up before the sun. I am eagerly waiting for cooler weather so I can enjoy my coffee outside.
Your new studio is going to be amazing! Your readers are also eagerly awaiting your new "baby"! It will be beautiful!

Giddings Art said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Valerie Wilson said...


It is hard to wait for your new studio space! I recently finished mine and it is wonderful to have a full functioning studio. Being able to do something creative in the meantime is great!

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