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Monday, 1 September 2014

Here Comes September

Here is September.  This is going to be a challenging month.  I have three kids going to three different schools, including one who cannot get school bus service.  That means driving and scraping ice off windshields and sitting in traffic.  BLEAH!  The good news is that I will likely get to work right through their lunch breaks as they will be staying at school for that.  That will be new for me.
As for work, I have two really key contracts to complete in the next 2 weeks for publication in the new year.  !   I have major butterflies over that.  There's so much pressure I put on myself to have it PERFECTLY PERFECT.  It will be so worth it though.

September is also the time for me to hand over the final list of artworks for the January exhibition I'm curating.  With curating comes more grant writing due by the end of the month.  That's a lot of hours.  That's a lot of budgets and quotes and references and descriptions.  To tell you the truth, the hardest part is copying that list.  I have the simple task of making a list of all the artists and their mailing addresses to hand in to the exhibition coordinators at the SK Craft Council.  There are about thirty artists.  Copying info from one page to another is SO ridiculously difficult for me.  I don't know what my problem is, but I have the hardest time with it.  It's like picking up sand with a sieve and carrying it to a bucket nearby.  EVERY time, I have to go back because something is missing.  I can't remember or I mix numbers up.  I noticed this in University when I took a basic accounting class.  I got it all right with the exception of coping everything down all mixed up from point A to point B.  I'm a star at math, geotrig, algebra... but the act of copying is my downfall.  I suppose that's why following patterns is so painstaking for me.  It is likely why I cannot do cross stitch either.  Typing out the minutes for the Embroidery guild was like learning Greek.  I still don't get it.  I am just not cut out for this.  Oh well.  Just like anyone with challenges - life balances out by giving you areas that you excel.  I am good at a lot of things.  But not this. ; )  No, no.  Not this.

So, I wonder why I can reproduce prairies (and detailed things on the prairies), but I cannot reproduce sentences or addresses which are also made of little detailed things.  I can look out at one spot, look down and reproduce it in front of me on my paper or on my cloth.  That is essentially what I've been doing the last half decade.  That is effortless.  What's the difference between a barn or flower and a few shapes of alphabet letters or numbers?  Really - it shouldn't make a difference.  They are all visual symbols.  Right?  Wrong?

I could go on and on.  What about you?  I can't be the only one with this problem.

Maybe I'll get my oldest typist to write out the list for me in a document.  It'll take him ten minutes and save me two hours.

Well.  Thanks for listening.
Back to the sewing room...  I also have a good handful of commissions.  ; ) Hello September.



PrairiePeasant said...

Sounds like a busy month! I'm sure you'll get into the new routine quickly and make it work for your family.

Looks like you've already found a solution to help you through the weak spots. Knowing when to ask for help is one of the hardest things to do.

Looking forward to hearing more about all your exciting new ventures!

HollyM said...

I've always had a similar problem and attributed it to ADD. I always muss the little details. In my artwork if it involves copying something exactly I have trouble. A simple scene with interpretive details works.

Threadpainter said...

You are not alone !
For me, it's the pressure I put on myself to NOT have anyone correct me ;)
For my work, I have no one to correct me because this (my Art) is MY world, you can't tell me what to do, you can't correct me .... you may try but I am an artist and anything/everything I do is my own.
LMAO at myself !

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