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Sunday, 7 September 2014

Sunday Snapshots

There are still hot days to be had - so here are some photos from Friday, after school.  ; )  It clouded over which makes for gloomy pictures, but it was gorgeous out.  This weekend has been hot and quite windless.

The berries were ripe and there were tons everywhere.

Things are changing...

Oh Look!  They are kissing!! : )

The kids swam, caught frogs, and explored.  I started a big fire and cooked supper for us.  Then they bundled up on a quilt and layed there watching the muskrats.  This end of Pike Lake is full of frogs and lily pads.

Aside from 2 other vehicles, we were the only ones out there.  NO ONE was on the beach, and no one was under the trees roasting wieners.  I asked my kids, "am I weird?  It was hot all day, and the end of the week.  It's beautiful out here!  Doesn't anyone else think this would be awesome?  Am I weird or what?"   And they answered, "yeah mom.  You are weird, but we like it here too."  So I made them promise that they'll do important stuff like this with their kids too.  (Important - that's my word for it.)

I challenge you Saskatonians.  Pack up and get out there.  Write your name in the sand.  Eat supper over the fire.  Feed the squirrels.  Watch the woodpeckers.  Listen to the wind in the trees.  Enjoy the sunset over the water.  It's only 15 minutes out of the city.  I dare you - I promise you'll come home feeling great.

Happy Sunday!


Molly said...

these ARE the most important things - no one ever says 'my mom had the cleanest house on the block' - they say 'remember how mom used to take us to the lake in the fall when it was just our very own private place and we caught frogs?'
you're doing this whole kid-raising thing right! come to think of it, it's not just right for the kids, it's right for you too!

Lin said...

Super photos Monika and brilliant words! It's good to do things like that with children - and adults too! - thank goodness my stepson and his wife have the same attitude and our grand daughter is taken all over the place, freebies most of the time too. xx

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