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Thursday, 24 April 2014

Things I Love Thursday

I LOVE that our family can work like a team.  I love it.  Everyone has been having fun with creating the new studio.  My oldest has been helping out with trips to the hardware store.  My youngest boy stayed up waaay past his bedtime to help drill on the drywall.  I'm the designer, cleaning crew, and future painter.  Today, we got to crack open a can of primer.  Oooooh the joy!

My daughter loves to paint.  So what the heck! 

I passed her the roller and she did the whole thing, both sides up to as high as she could.  I finished the top for her.

Look at that!  On the floor.  My peg board.  Oh - I love this.  (!)  My husband brought it home from the back of his shop.  I'm wondering what color to paint it.  It is ten feet long and will run the length of the counters on the one wall.  This space is turning out great!  It's just over 25 feel long, and nearly 13 feet wide.  The back end of the room is bathroom and storage. 

my hero  xo

We've been working late into the nights this week.  I confess - that last photo was taken last year.  But WOOSH thing are really on a roll now.  Man, he is so dedicated to completing this.  It's amazing.  (Michael - you are AMAZING!)


I can't wait to decorate.  Things have changed a lot since I last painted house.  Check out the nifty clip-on plastic paint pail spouts!  You can pour without getting paint slopping down the side of the pail.  Brilliant.

I am so happy on a rainy day that it is ridiculous.  : )

Happy Thursday!  Really happy.

1 comment:

Giddings Art said...

How exciting!! I love that your whole family is working together to create this beautiful new studio! I can't wait to see how it progresses.

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