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Monday, 28 April 2014

Embroidery & the Saskatoon Modern Quilt Guild

Finally I got to join up with the world of the Modern Quilting movement.  When I started blogging as a quilter four years ago, I sat back and watched as MQGs popped up all over North America with an energy like you've never seen.  I adore modern quilts.  I happen to SUCK at making them though.  I used to feel like I was missing the boat, but there was nothing I could do about it.  I pulled off a few meh/modern-ish quilt but just couldn't keep up with their skill and enthusiasm.  I'm totally at peace with it now - I found my niche with embroidery and am immensely happy with my art career.

After I began blogging, I slowly migrated over to embroidery and art.  Fast forward to this weekend, and there I found myself standing in the room with a Modern Quilt Guild - for real!  It was pretty wonderful.  I was the guest speaker for the SaskatoonMQG, invited to talk about the world of embroidery and it's applications to modern quilting.  I am so grateful to have had that opportunity.

Me & Carly of the Saskatoon MQG.  (her Citric Sugar blog)   She's the cute one. : )

We had a makeshift stitch-in at the end.  It was a big group that came out on a rainy day to the classroom of Periwinkle Quilting & Beyond (a local shop).  THANK YOU - I had such a great time.  : )  It's ALWAYS a pleasure when someone cries about their lifelong failure with French Knots, and then after a quick instruction, they end up figuring out how to make them perfectly!  That first perfectly-executed French Knot... they SQUEAL and CHEER, "I did it!!  I made a French Knot!!" and they giggle &laugh!  hehe  It's awesome.  It's quite a spectacle.

Before I got up as guest speaker, I was able to enjoy their meeting and view their show and tell.  : )  Look at this!  This next photo is a quilt-as-you-go.  Each block is quilted differently.  It's beautiful!

As I looked around, I noticed some beautiful handstitching on people's bags.  Isn't this lovely!?

Before we left the building, I had to snap a photo or two.  The new space at Periwinkle is decorated SO wonderfully!  It's driving me crazy... I can't wait to get going with decorating my new studio space. : )  Michelle is such an inspiration.  Seriously - how cool is this!?

Thank you so much for having me.  : )  I am available to talk about Embroidery ANYTIME.  lol  I'll have more handwork classes in the fall at my place. : )

You can learn more about the Saskatoon Modern Quilt Guild HERE. (click to link).  PS - you can find all the members' blogs there at the SQG website!  Go see! : )


Patti said...

It was so much fun meeting you ,Monika! Thanks for the inspiration, the laughs, and for sharing your amazing talent with us!

Michelle @ Periwinkle said...

It must have been so much fun! I am so sorry that I missed it, I'm sure I would have learned a lot, Monika, also, thanks for your kind words!

CitricSugar said...

I always have such a blast when you're around - you are my kind of people, lady!

That photo turned out great. I might have to post it on my blog, too. :-)

Giddings Art said...

The photo of you and Carly just makes me smile. It sounds like everyone had a wonderful time! I love the chalkboard drawing!

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