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Thursday, 1 May 2014

Things I Love Thursday

I love our new place to run.  I love Chief Whitecap park (when it's not raining or snowing!). 

What a beautiful bouquet!  : )  

I love playing with the zoom lens when I shouldn't be.
o m g  I love the prairie.  xo

I love this little bed down in the trees.
 I could curl up in there.

I love the perfect stillness in the next image.

This will have to suffice for Sunday Snapshots as well!  I'm hittin' the road to teach in the next province, see the Prairies show, and then celebrate a triple birthday - my daughter, my mother, and me.  : )  See you on the flipside.


Terri said...

Happy Birthday to you all! Hope you have a wonderful time... it's my BD today!

Threadpainter said...

Have a great birthday celebration ... love your prairie photos !

Jeito Mineiro de Ser said...

Feliz aniversário para você!
Meus votos de muita saúde, paz e sucesso!
Um abraço!
Happy birthday to you!
I wish you much health, peace and success!

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