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Thursday, 10 April 2014

Things I Love Thursday

I love the changing of the guard!  A new season has officially arrived.  I sat in my yard over the weekend with my morning coffee and heard them coming!  ; )

First there were three...

Then there were five!  (I love odd numbers.)

* * * I LOVE that photo!!  I can't believe I caught it!  : )  I have never been able to capture birds until recently.



p.s.  I believe the groundhog is over-rated!

And another sure sign of spring...  When the air is warmer, the clouds are different.  The spring sunsets are back.  !  I took these ones last night.

This is from my favorite spot where I took the cattail pic I've stitched up several times.  It's essentially the same photo, but cropped a little differently.

I LOVE the next photo.  The sky is SO loose.  So full of water vapour and coloured sunshine.

I loves me some prairie spring sky. 

Happy Thursday everyone!


sherry said...

the guard is changing here also…the open water on the river is covered with swans and geese every morning…we are on a stop on the migratory flight path...

Nicole said...

That last picture is phenomenal!

Maureen Heywood said...

Amazingly beautiful pics

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