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Friday, 11 April 2014

Trestle Desk

Check this out!  Last year I found a trestle desk at a liquidation store.  I have been waiting to build it - but not until I manage a bigger studio to put it in.  In the mean time, it has been sitting in my garage.  Then last night, a friend of mine posted on facebook how she had started standing to work, and how it was improving her health.  That was my reason for getting it in the first place.  I don't have health problems... but considering that I sit on my bottom all day, well.  ANYTHING is better than sitting all day.  Another friend of mine rigged up her computer to her treadmill so she can walk and email at the same time.  Brilliant.  We sit way too much.  Freaky cold winters mean we have to get creative.  Me?  I am going to stand and sew.  No kidding!  Stand & blog.  Stand and edit photos.  Stand and write.  Stand and read.  Stand and threadpaint.  I got rid of my chairs.  Maybe I'll even dance while stitching French Knots.  : )  My poor rear end deserves it. : )  Maybe yours does too.

My new desk is 13" higher than my old desktop.

What do you think?  Do you find sitting & stitching or quilting has your body reacting in negative ways?  I try to walk daily and I love to run.  I enjoy yoga / pilates, but I think this will be a great for posture, digestion, prevent back problems, and maybe even contribute to one jean size smaller.  Too much sitting!  Here's to health.  Anyone else stand and sew?


Sheila said...

I will be interested in hearing how you find standing to sew , sitting too much is definitely not good .

elle said...

I stand and sew. I've been doing it for a number of years now and sometimes my feet get sore after being on them all day but my hips say thank you! It beats getting up and down as I go to the design wall or ironing board. :)

Anonymous said...

I have often sewed standing up, mostly when applying borders and binding to large quilts. I find that it's easier to manoeuvre them that way. I've even mastered using either foot on the foot pedal. It's important to stretch every now and then to relax your hips and knees.

Anonymous said...

Years ago I read that if you stand, you should have one foot raised.
(That was given as the reason for a rail attached a few inches above the floor on bars - as in the ones you see in drinking establishments. Check out the opening credits of the TV show "Cheers". One of the drawings shows this exact situation.)
Don't know if this is "anatomically correct", but you might want to investigate to find out if standing is even better for you (or less stressful on your body)if one foot is raised & resting on something.

monika@mysweetprairie.ca said...

Yes! :) I do this when standing. One foot up when washing dishes or any prolonged standing. Eases the lower back. I just worked for a couple hours on postcards and it is good! I don't stand... I dance! :) So happy to not sit. :)

valleyp said...

Great idea! I was very excited to find that my work desk had a hydraulic lift on the keyboard part, now I can vary my day with the lift of a latch. They're not cheap but certainly worth it. I'm yearning for one at home for my machine!

Beatrice said...

Hello, I think the lday from this blog also sews standing.

Lin said...

I do have my computer at standing level (although at the moment it is on my lap in fornt of the TV!) but as I spend much of the day in the garden or generally on my feet, it is such a relief to be sitting to sew!However, if sewing is your main occupation I can see that standing for at least part of the time has to be good for you. xx

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