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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

A New Palette

I am working on a stack of new postcards again as I am running low.  I started mixing ambers and browns with pinks and purples and ooooh, loving it so much!

I think all the pre-green prairie spring colors have absolutely inspired this.

Lily of the Valley...   waiting.

I have been noticing more pink in the skies at each dawn and each dusk.  I am surprised to feel a renewed passion and joy for these horizontal colour combinations.  After this batch I will be well past 200 'Wish You Were Here' prairie postcards.  There are no two alike.  There are colour combos I haven't even made yet.  Who knows how long I can make these and they continue to be 'uncharted' as far as my work goes.

These new mini-landscapes are not stitched yet - but what do you think about these colours!?  How do they make you feel?

I personally love how this set glows even though the colors are so soft and gentle.  : )

Happy Spring to you!


Radka said...

Interesting post, love the shades!

Suztats said...

They do glow, and make me think of a soft sunrise.

Seams French said...

Yum! Perfect choice of fabrics and colours. Looking forward to progress reports.

Anonymous said...

Love the Ladybug!!!
I haven't gotten close enough to "the earth" yet this Spring to see one. So your is my first "sighting". I just love those little bugs!!! -- Joy H.

Lin said...

I think these colours are gogeous and I look forward to seeing the finished cards. xx

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